“My Right to Dignity”: Our Identity & Our Names

The “Women2Drive” Campaign is a peaceful campaign that is part of the larger “My Right to Dignity” Movement that aims to restore all of Saudi Women’s Rights within the lines of Islamic Sharia.

Our Identity:

• We strive to end all discrimination against women, and restore their rights that have been bound by societal customs that contradict with Islamic Sharia. We do not condone this fact to be used for any other political or personal goals.

• We respect all opinions, including the ones in opposition to us. We consider them all to be part of the social makeup of this country. However, we will not belittle any of these opinions, and thus, we expect they do not attempt to belittle us as well.

• We reach for uniting all efforts; we will not busy ourselves with setbacks and mishaps. Instead, we reach for achieving our goals with complete persistance and determination.

• We do not accept any classifications that lessen a person’s worth, or questions patriotism, whether it be racist, sectarian, or ideological classifications.

• We do not accept placing the understanding of religion into one group’s hand, nor do we accept attacking religion itself. We believe that Islam does not accept the discrimination women experience in Saudi society.

The names of the campaign’s team of Saudi volunteer members, from both genders:

  • Areej Al-Majed
  • Alaa Al-Ghamdi
  • Amjad Al-Omry
  • Aminah Al-Anazi
  • Eman Al-Omar
  • Eman Al-Onaizy
  • Dr. Badreya Al-Bashar
  • Bashayer Abdullah
  • Tahani Al-Jehani
  • Dana Al-Faqih
  • Rasha Al-Duwaisi
  • Rasha Al-Malki
  • Rawan Kurdi
  • Saud Al-Dawsari
  • Tarfah Abdullah
  • Talal Al-Ateeq
  • Abdullah Al-Almy
  • AbdulMehsan Al-Ajmy
  • Aziza Al-Yousef
  • Fouz Abdullah
  • Loulouh Eid
  • Mohammed Al-Khaldi
  • Mohammed Al-Shehri
  • Maryam Al-Baloshy
  • Maha Al-Qahtani
  • Manal Al-Sharif
  • Mai Al-Shareef
  • Maysa Al-Amoudi
  • Maysa Al-Manea
  • Najla Hariri
  • Nawal Al-Zouri
  • Nora Mansouri
  • Noura Al-Rogy
  • Nora Abdulkarim
  • Nouf Al-Ibraheem
  • Hutoon Al Rasheed
  • Hadeya Al-Mahna
  • Haya Al-Hejailan
  • Wael Al-Roumi
  • Yazeed Al-Harbi
  • Aisha Al-Shehri
  • Haifa Al-Zahrani


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